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Discover the potential of PV construction

This distinguishes KLEVE [solar]

Discover a new dimension of energy efficiency with top-quality photovoltaic mounting systems from KLEVE [solar]. It's not just reliable design, but also innovative solutions that will transform your investment into a sustainable energy source.

Find out why you should invest in KLEVE [solar}photovoltaic mounting systems

You can find KLEVE structures for 500 photovoltaic farms up to 80 MW
We use wind tunnel testing
40 MW of structure production per week
12-year warranty on the mounting system from KLEVE solar
We are the only one to use 6 types of legs designed for different, even the most demanding, non-standard types of soil
Best material - steel used - always S350GD and HX500LAD containing niobium and titanium
Magnelis ArcelorMittal ZM430 or ZM620 coating - a guarantee of the highest quality and lifetime of the structure
Material thickness up to 3mm. Posts with a larger cross-section, stiffened and made of thicker steel, thanks to which the farm receives a guarantee of durability for years to come
System designed for long service life (30+ years)
Lower investment costs and up to 50% fewer components, thanks to the patented KLEVE Click™ and Kleve Slide Mount™
Stile thickness of 1.5-2mm. Profile shape stably connects elements and provides better support under PV modules
The patented way of connecting the leg to the ground structure prevents the position from changing during operation
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KLEVE. Quality. Reliability. Trust.

Choose effectiveness!

KLEVE. Your path to safe and efficient photovoltaics

KLEVE [solar] designs are redefining the standards for efficiency and performance of photovoltaic systems. KLEVE is the key to efficiency and guarantees the safety and success of your project. Discover the potential of reliable solutions now!

KLEVE [solar] contruction projects
Photovoltaic farms up to 80 MW

Your partner in business

Cooperation with KLEVE is a guarantee of the highest standards, safety and innovation of the proposed solutions. Quality, mutual trust, respect and understanding - these are the foundations on which we build long-term relationships with our customers. We tailor solutions to the individual needs, we guarantee the durability of products for years.

When you choose reliable mounting systems from a proven business partner, you're betting on safety, performance and long-term success. KLEVE stands for:

  • Reliability you can trust
  • Industry experience
  • Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Investment Security
  • Support at every stage of the project
  • Recommendations and trust

Choosing reliable mounting systems from a proven business partner is an investment in the future. Safety, efficiency and professionalism come together to create a path to sustainable and efficient photovoltaics. Discover the potential of working with KLEVE today!

We will be happy to become your business partner.

KLEVE. Quality, reliability and trust that you will appreciate.

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Discover the power of efficiency with KLEVE [solar]

It is worth choosing reliable mounting systems for photovoltaic farms from a proven business partner, because it is not only an investment in green energy, but also a guarantee of reliability and efficiency. KLEVE [solar] mounting systems are perfected in every detail, and a business partner you can trust is the key to the smooth implementation of your photovoltaic project. With us, renewable energy becomes a powerhouse in solid hands, ready to revolutionize your business and deliver the results you expect for years to come.

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